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Win-Win Referral Program Win-Win Referral Program
The reason why we call our referral program a Win-Win Referral Program is because it offers benefits to both parties. The person who makes a purchase gets 5% discount and you get 5% of their order total added towards your credit balance.

At any point in time you can redeem your credit dollars towards any purchase on Snug Australia on-line store and if you have sufficient balance you can get a pair of sheepskin boots absolutely free.

To start earning credit dollars you donít even have to be an existing customer of Snug Australia. All you have to do is to create an account and get a unique personal discount coupon that you can forward to your friends and associates. Every time when somebody makes a purchase using your personal discount coupon, your credit balance will increase by 5% of their order total.

You can check your current balance in "my account" section of the website.

There is no obligation of any kind on your part whatsoever.

The following is the example of how the program works:

Sarah has decided to participate in the Win-Win Referral Program. She clicked the "Start" button under Win-Win Referral Program section of the "my account" section of the web site and received an email with her personal discount coupon, which was also displayed on the screen.
Sarah knew that her friend Cathy was planning to buy a pair of sheepskin boots and offered Cathy her discount coupon PD12345.
Cathy used Sarahís discount coupon to purchase a pair of Classic Tall boots for $159.00 and received a 5% discount ($7.95) paying only $151.05 for the boots.
Sarah also posted her discount coupon on her Facebook page and blog. A few of Sarah friends also made purchases and received a 5% discount by using Sarah's coupon.
Shortly Sarah had enough credit dollars to get a free pair of boots, which she decided to sell on eBay and pocket the profits.

So what are you waiting for? Get your personal discount coupon and start earning credit dollars - navigate to "my account" section, then click "Start" button.

For terms and conditions of Win-Win Referal Program, please refer to Snug Australia Terms & Conditions.