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Snug Australia On-Line Store Features Snug Australia On-Line Store Features
Lowest Price Guarantee

Snug Australia is one of the largest suppliers of sheepskin boots in Australia. Having a state-of-the-art logistical systems and unmatched buying power enables Snug Australia to minimise overhead costs and deliver boots and other products at the very competitive prices.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver lowest possible price that we've introduced a price matching program that guarantees that our customers get quality merchandise at lowest price.

If you require more information about our price matching program please see on-line help centre or contact our customer service consultant.

Dispatch Within 48 Hours

At Snug Australia we utilise highly optimised order dispatch computer system. The system automatically initiates order dispatch process as soon as the funds are cleared by your credit/charge card provider.

This means that in most cases your order will be leaving our warehouse within 48 business hours. The use of this fully automated process enables us to minimise unnecessary delays during the dispatch process. All this means is that you can start enjoying your sheepskin boots sooner. Please note that some delays may occur during the months of November - February due to the high demand and heavy load on postal services and customs.

Check our customer testimonials for feedback regarding our dispatch process and delivery times.

Secure Internet Payment Verification

At Snug Australia we take outmost care in handling your credit card information. Any personal and payment information is transmitted over 128bit encrypted channel. The same transmission mechanism is used by the leading banks and financial institutions. Once your credit card details are verified, none of the credit card information is kept at our premises. This is virtually illuminates the risk of unauthorised transitions and credit card fraud.

Many smaller operators use third-parties or manual processing of credit cards that can greatly increases security risks associated with the Internet credit card fraud.

We are constantly reviewing our security policies and implementing enhancements that further improve payment security.

Express Delivery

Over the years we optimised our dispatch process to integrate with the express services offered by the leading postal and courier companies. All our parcels are barcoded and automatically processed for dispatch, greatly minimising normal processing time.

All these technical innovations enable us to deliver your parcels much quicker that our competitors, in some cases even quicker that when ordering from your local shops.

Check our customer testimonials for the feedback regarding delivery times.

30 Days Manufacturer's Warranty

All products sold by Snug Australia are covered by 30 day manufacturer's warranty. In the unlikely event of manufacturing faults, we would replace/repair the boots at no cost to the customer.

If you require more information about our products warranty please see our on-line help centre or contact our customer service consultant.

Dedicated Customer Support Staff

At Snug Australia we directly employ dedicated support staff to answer customer enquiries. We do not use outsourced hep desk services that are used by some of our competitors that could result in misleading information and delayed responses. All of our support staff has extensive product knowledge and capable of expediently dealing with any enquiries or issues.

Most of the customers enquiries are responded within 48 hours by our full-time staff.

On our website we also maintain an extensive on-line help centre with the answers to some of the common questions that you may find useful.

Check our customer testimonials for feedback regarding our customer service.

Advanced Inventory and Order Dispatch Systems

We made substantial investment in process automation and sophisticated inventory systems that enable us to track your order throughout packing and dispatch process. You will be notified via email as your order progresses through various stages (eg. Pending, Processing, Dispatch). You can even elect to be notified via SMS to your mobile phone when your order is dispatched to the specified address at no additional cost.