Perfect Fit For Your Eyes

“Perfect fit” is the most important thing you should consider in choosing contact lenses, even if you have an eye problem or just want to change your eye color. Contact lens is not like a “one-size-fits-all baseball cap that can be worn by anyone in this world. To avoid serious problems, the best thing to do is to consult your eye care specialist and ask a prescription for the type of contact lens you want to wear.

Getting a prescription for contact lenses

Prescriptions for eye care goods vary from state to state in the United States. To know your fir for the right contact lens, you can visit ophthalmologist or optometrists, but it is only the opticians that are eligible for this certification is some states in the U.S.

The doctor will examine many things about you to get your prescription, expect him/her to:

– Examine your eyes health, and analyze which type of contact lenses is right for you.
– Determine how much vision correction you need in your eyes, and the degree of your astigmatism, if any.
– Measure your eye size and its curvature to determine the size of the contact lens you should wear.

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