Botanical Garden In Your Yard

So you want to know how to build a botanical garden in your yard?

Before you start digging carefully consider what you really want from the garden. You may soon discover that an average size garden cannot easily provide the requirements for a botanical garden.


The primary role of a botanical garden is to focus on providing a plant collection with some scientific basis. These gardens are not designed for the outdoor domestic needs of singles, families or a couple.

Prior to any design concept it is important to acknowledge that the look of your garden will be influenced by the more mundane domestic garden items such as a children’s play equipment, potting shed, household bins, clothes line and so on.

The plant collection needs to fit around a family’s requirement. If it is the other way around the plants are likely to be destroyed and the garden will look a total mess.

Sure a botanic garden can provide a children’s playgrounds and outdoor seating areas but these activities can often be separated from the plant collections. It is unlikely that a play area is also the only place available to locate a very rare plant.

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